We are 100 Days Brighter!


Friday, January 25th marked the 100th Day of School! We love this day. It’s a time to celebrate how far our little learners have come through play, learning and social skills. 100 Days Brighter. 100 Days Smarter!

100 Days of School is HERE.

It’s time to celebrate and CHEER.

But before we look too far AHEAD.

Let’s think of all we’ve learned INSTEAD.

Reading, Writing and Science, TOO.

Social Studies, Math and Classroom RULES.

We learned how great a friend can BE.

With kindness, trust and HONESTY.


We visually showed the little ones what 100 looks like. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine or to estimate the number 100. The students had a lot of fun exploring different stations focused on the number 100. We played games, created artwork and interacted with items that added up to 100.

Our students can even count to 100 by 10’s (check our Facebook page for the video) - such smart little ones! 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 … 100!

Ask your little learners about this special day and their favorite 100 activity. Share with us below!

One of the highlights each year is the visit from Zero the Hero - always a crowd favorite! He’s a true number super hero. Does he look familiar to anyone? :)

Do these little ones looked a little aged to you? Oh, so fun to see them dressed as if they were suddenly 100 years old! Do you see your little learner?


This year, at TWYLA, we set up a wall to encourage our students and their families to write down why they love our teachers, staff and attending TWYLA. We were humbled by the sweet words they wrote!