Shining a Light on Autism Services & Programs


Throughout the month of April, The Young Learners will be supporting World Autism Awareness Day. Coming together with thousands of organizations, all over the world, to Light It Up Blue! On April 2nd, each of their three facilities decked the halls in blue with lights, decor, handprints and puzzle pieces. Staff, parents and students wore blue to show support. In addition everything was BLUE - blue food, blue milk, blue sand play, blue toys and lots of puzzles.

A true celebration of acceptance and awareness for Autistic children and their families!


The Learning Lane  program serves learners with Autism ranging in ages from 12 months to 7 years old. While the groups are arranged in a developmental sequence, we are responsive to the needs of the individual children that enter into services. It’s our pleasure to offer the following services to our children and their families. 

  • Diagnostics - diagnostic evaluations are offered for those with suspected or known Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses to confirm or rule out an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis or to update other assessment information.
  • Inclusion - inclusionary opportunities for group interaction within a traditional preschool setting are available to children that meet the necessary criteria. Children are supported by ABA trained staff mixed with daily one on one assistance.
  • Shadowing - to facilitate the transition from our intensive Clinical setting to a more typical classroom environment
  • Social Skills - provides direct instruction in functional social skills through a comprehensive module system in a “safe” environment, providing children the opportunity to develop the skills needed for success in the social arena.

To learn more about our Diagnostic Evaluation, please click here!